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US Government studies have proven polygraph measurements to be the most reliable and accurate method of verifying the truth with an accuracy rate of 92% to 98% on a properly administered examination.

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The three most important factors in obtaining a test result with high accuracy are:

1. A properly trained Polygraph Examiner - (our examiner received approved training by an American Polygraph Association Accredited School)

2. A thorough pre-test interview to insure the issue at hand is fully understood clearly by both the examiner and examinee - (there are no surprise questions during a real polygraph test)

3. Test questions accurately designed to verify the truth of a single issue. - (most polygraph on television depict random, emotion-inducing, surprise questions on a variety of subjects. Those type of tests, although entertaining, have no verifiable validity or accuracy)

Polygraph Testing Situations where LDB Polygraph Excels

  • Relationship Truthfulness (Cheating - Infidelity - False Accusation)
  • Sexual Crimes & Accusation of Molestation (Post Conviction - Family Conflict)
  • Pre-EmploymentSuspected Employee Theft (Business Losses - Shortages)
  • Criminally Accused through their Defense Attorney (Usually Pre-Trial)

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LDB Polygraph is a privately owned and operated business.

Serving Los Angeles County since 1988. Our Polygraph Examiner is is a retired Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff and licensed Private Investigator.

Specializing in Polygraph Lie Detection Examinations in the areas of Relationship Cheating-Infidelity, Pre-Employment, Family Laws, Accusations of Molestation, Theft, and Drugs.

All examinations are conducted in a professional comfortable atmosphere.

A non-refundable 50% deposit is required to schedule an examination. A minimum 48 hours is required to cancel your examination. Full payment is due prior to the examination.

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